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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

It wasn't me and wedding quilt prep

Leading off with "What do you do when the Mr. discovers your stash?" Fabric stash people, the other stuff is legal here in Northern California.  

Do you claim it isn't yours?
Do you insist you are holding it for someone else? 
Do you find other hiding places? 
Do you feign ignorance? (It wasn't me)
I'm so busted. 
Progress on the wedding quilt patchwork piecing is turtle pace, but coming along. This is totally off list for any of my quilting challenges, but I decided this would be an amazing gift for my hair stylist June bride. 
First layout revealed I need to make more blocks. I was going to border and sash the four patches in grey, but now I think I will just sew the four patches together on point and finish off the corners and edges in gray. I am determined to make this quilt from just my stash. 
Second layout just to get a head count revealed I still needed more blocks, thinking 12 ought to do (I am just about out of all low volume fabric at this point). 

I am also being pickier about my work, literally. If the points don't match on the four patch, I rip out the seams and try again. I hate to admit on a couple of the four patches, I had to do over again 3-4 times. 

Finally found fabric in my favorite form - in bulk. A $10 purchase at SPCA thrift, hoping there will be something useful inside. 
Shamelessly showing off
bottlebrush in bloom
There was some prequilted stuff I don't like. Luckily, some Cranston print yardage and other fabrics saved the investment.
Facebook quilting challenge prompt for May is #4, my black/cream/pink quilt. On my wish list, but no plan in mind. Another punt.

I am still working away on my magnolia needlepoint with the intent of giving it framed to my mom this Christmas.  

Patchwork Times challenge prompt for May is 11 which is my art with fabric blog hop quilt. It is partially quilted but my machine insists on only piecework right now and will not quilt without skipping. Drives me crazy. 

So, do you have to hide your fabric (or any other) purchases?  


  1. i love to thrift shop. Many of my quilts have shirt, sheets, dust ruffles or what ever else I can find. I love it when someone ask me what line of fabric I used. GW Boutique!

  2. Have you tried a topstitching size 80 needle for your quilting? It has a larger eye and it solved the problem of skipped stitches for lots of our customers when I worked at the sewing machine store.

  3. I do have to hide stuff, all the time! Because I have way too much, and my Mr. gets mad - and rightly so. Oh, it's a BIG problem here, with my terrible (wonderful?) thrift store addiction!