Saturday, April 20, 2019

Sometimes it's a unicorn in the laundry room

I admit I am a kid at heart, this thrifted Circus Circus Las Vegas plush joined my collection.  
I picked up this trio of mystical creatures a few years ago. The Friends Cherish Each Others Dreams unicorn cross stitch was also  a thrift shop find.

Rounding out this passion for purple is my hydrangea.

Quilting and sewing have taken a back seat to gardening now that our weather has turned gorgeous. This is my first year I have made a concerted effort to start my garden from seed. It is a lot of work! I take the sprouted seed and plant it in a bio degradable or leftover planters. They then await permanent planting in the greenhouse.
The beds outside the greenhouse are planted with zucchini, arugula and heirloom tomatoes. Another bed is planted with aloe vera, now joined by rhubarb (2 year nursery matured) and an artichoke. Once summer dries all of the surrounding vegetation, we might have to electrify the fence to keep deer out.  

One year we had the start of a wonderous artichoke plant, the next day the plant was withered and dead. Some critter had eaten the plant at the root and that was the end of that. Our new cat Susie is  quite the hunter seen routinely with a captured mole. I am hoping she will solve our mini mammal problem.  

My only thrift purchases over the weekend were a small framed picture and a scarf (total $5). With pictures, I upgrade. This deer themed print was double-matted and numbered. I thrifted back two other framed pictures I had previously purchased second-hand. 
The scarf I knew would go perfectly with a top found a couple of weeks ago. 

Wishing everyone a delightful Easter weekend!

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Pam McDonald said...

That is the prettiest unicorn!!

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