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Monday, March 22, 2021

Xavier Cugat and being a White Hat

Before I began reselling CDs, I had a large collection that I gave to thrift. One of those CDs I at luckily ripped to my laptop, Xavier Cugat 16 Most Requested Songs. One of my fun finds I am not letting go is this Xavier Cugat Saludos Amigos. Seems they are popular recordings, and I can see why. 

Another fun find that joined my collection 1992 Batman Returns. Seriously, there is no one in my life that would ever wear this costume. Keeping it anyway. 

This Tammy doll (my namesake) pattern for clothes will stay in my collection also. A Tammy doll might enter my life again.

An antique fair took place on the weekend, here are the best of the images. 
He looks lonely

As I have mentioned, I live in a rural area not controlled by covenants, codes, and restrictions normally found in subdivisions. We have two neighbors, one who has set up an unpermitted RV park (we are zoned single family residences), and another who is amassing a massive garbage dump. Both have been reported to the local county agencies. The "white hat" is at it again. White hats are those who fight for adherence to laws and codes. I am a white hat for a living, and a white hat for my community in my spare time. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I finally found my cashmere *sings to word* and it happened to be green. The fabric remnant and $40 valued Birds book rounded out my thrift shop finds. 

I continue to upgrade my tablecloths. How can I resist when they are priced at $5.99? This lovely mustard colored chicken print one went on my dining room table right when I got home. 

There is a chance that the California State Fair will take place this year in July. For the past two years, I have been granted Media Access with posts highlighting the arts and crafts. 

Here is what a thrift shop looks like when it is "Full Up." These images were taken at the Cameron Park hospice thrift earlier in the month. More than enough stuff to go around. 

My Introduction to Art History class is now in full swing so the reselling, quilting, thrifting, all take a back seat for further education. 

The first Vietnam book from the naval historian's estate sold! 

Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Monday, March 8, 2021

Theme Reveal for the April A to Z Challenge

It is the Ghastly Orange Goddess of the AtoZ Challenge Theme Reveal. My previous challenges focused on thrifting, fashion, sewing, and such. Both the dress and gloves are thrifted, the dress a recent $4 purchase from the local store. 

I've got a great theme for 2021:

Reselling on eBay

As a top-rated Powerseller, I have learned a few tips and tricks. I am still small potatoes but am debt free because of the profit from my sales. 

I recall at the height of this challenge a few years ago around 2,500 people participated. I would say a good 500 or so didn't complete the challenge, perhaps didn't even get past the letter "C." This trick to being successful is to have ALL of your letter posts queued up and completed before that letter day arrives. 

Here are links to the prior year's theme reveals and an "A" post of my completed AtoZ challenges.  

2018 atoz-theme-reveal

2017 - I was a no show. 

2016 atoz-theme-reveal

2015 atoz-theme-reveal

2014 atoz-theme-reveal

2013 Letter A-is-for-angels

The host noted it is Year 12 for this International Event. I am thrilled to be joining back in all the fun. Join for the launch on April 1st of this momentous challenge!

#AtoZChallenge 2021 Theme Reveal

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Three Scores totaling under $20

Mainly publications, some free CDs and other useful stuff. My book sales have been kicking a** for me lately. Two books listed at $35 each sold for their listing price. I figured quilt-related books would be popular, and they are. 

As mentioned, something useful, I found the pleated drapery hooks for $2 for the bag. I know I have seen those types of things come through thrift, so I just wait till one pops up.
Score number 2 included 9 free DDD classical CDs. I will bundle that lot. It is like finding money laying on the ground for me. In that stop, there were a few more patterns and a slew of righteous resellers - vintage cookbooks and The Gambling Secrets of Nick the Greek thrown in for good measure.
My last basket of goodness had books from the aforementioned categories, some white-tipped black gloves, and the lined basket. 

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Movin' into March

One of the publications from the naval historian's estate sold for the asking price of $35. I am curious to see what sells next to recoup my $50 investment. In perfect condition, with plastic-protected dust jacket, I know the buyer will love it. 

I am linking up with the Blogging from AtoZ April Challenge Theme Reveal on March 8, so stay tuned for that upcoming post. There also bonus challenges within the challenge, and there are pre-hops and post-hops (don't ask ...)

This group is where I used to find new blogs to follow double-down-on-atozchallenge-2021. My page views also soared to new heights. One challenge I accept is to "Grow a new friendship with a blogger" Connection Challenge

If I can locate another interesting month-long April hop, I will combine that in the "Mix a second blog hop in during the A to Z Challenge" Time Management Challenge

There is the "Add 5-second to 30-second video (shorts) to your posts" Multimedia Challenge

Another feature I will post is to recommend AtoZers I discover during my visits. It is part of the Philantropy Challenge. I don't know enough bloggers to recommend them on a daily basis so "Z" might be that follow-up post. 

Ending the post with this undated Patterns Pacific Pattern of the Day. I so love maxi dresses (as you will discover on my theme reveal post).

#AtoZChallenge 2021 badge