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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Movin' into March

One of the publications from the naval historian's estate sold for the asking price of $35. I am curious to see what sells next to recoup my $50 investment. In perfect condition, with plastic-protected dust jacket, I know the buyer will love it. 

I am linking up with the Blogging from AtoZ April Challenge Theme Reveal on March 8, so stay tuned for that upcoming post. There also bonus challenges within the challenge, and there are pre-hops and post-hops (don't ask ...)

This group is where I used to find new blogs to follow double-down-on-atozchallenge-2021. My page views also soared to new heights. One challenge I accept is to "Grow a new friendship with a blogger" Connection Challenge

If I can locate another interesting month-long April hop, I will combine that in the "Mix a second blog hop in during the A to Z Challenge" Time Management Challenge

There is the "Add 5-second to 30-second video (shorts) to your posts" Multimedia Challenge

Another feature I will post is to recommend AtoZers I discover during my visits. It is part of the Philantropy Challenge. I don't know enough bloggers to recommend them on a daily basis so "Z" might be that follow-up post. 

Ending the post with this undated Patterns Pacific Pattern of the Day. I so love maxi dresses (as you will discover on my theme reveal post).

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