Monday, March 22, 2021

Xavier Cugat and being a White Hat

Before I began reselling CDs, I had a large collection that I gave to thrift. One of those CDs I at luckily ripped to my laptop, Xavier Cugat 16 Most Requested Songs. One of my fun finds I am not letting go is this Xavier Cugat Saludos Amigos. Seems they are popular recordings, and I can see why. 

Another fun find that joined my collection 1992 Batman Returns. Seriously, there is no one in my life that would ever wear this costume. Keeping it anyway. 

This Tammy doll (my namesake) pattern for clothes will stay in my collection also. A Tammy doll might enter my life again.

An antique fair took place on the weekend, here are the best of the images. 
He looks lonely

As I have mentioned, I live in a rural area not controlled by covenants, codes, and restrictions normally found in subdivisions. We have two neighbors, one who has set up an unpermitted RV park (we are zoned single family residences), and another who is amassing a massive garbage dump. Both have been reported to the local county agencies. The "white hat" is at it again. White hats are those who fight for adherence to laws and codes. I am a white hat for a living, and a white hat for my community in my spare time. 

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