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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Three Scores totaling under $20

Mainly publications, some free CDs and other useful stuff. My book sales have been kicking a** for me lately. Two books listed at $35 each sold for their listing price. I figured quilt-related books would be popular, and they are. 

As mentioned, something useful, I found the pleated drapery hooks for $2 for the bag. I know I have seen those types of things come through thrift, so I just wait till one pops up.
Score number 2 included 9 free DDD classical CDs. I will bundle that lot. It is like finding money laying on the ground for me. In that stop, there were a few more patterns and a slew of righteous resellers - vintage cookbooks and The Gambling Secrets of Nick the Greek thrown in for good measure.
My last basket of goodness had books from the aforementioned categories, some white-tipped black gloves, and the lined basket. 

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