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People of Sacramento

P.J. of a 'lilhoohaa  hosts a monthly photo challenge.  PJ's writes ~ This month’s theme is:  People. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with here. There are so many ways to do this and I think there will be some great stuff. I can’t wait to see. Please make sure your blog post publishes  Friday, Nov. 29  (I am going the day before the end of the month as some people don’t post on Saturdays, so it’s easier to end it on a Friday. I’ll post the December theme on Dec. 1).   I couldn't resist this prompt.  I see people, lots of people on my near daily jaunts around town in Sacramento. People No. 1.  This guy's comment when I took his picture was, "I'm looking for a girlfriend."  Laying on the sidewalk in the middle of the day, manipulating a hand puppet .... not gonna happen.  I did give him $2 for a beer for his accessory overload look. People No 2:  This is Jerry.  Jerry is a regular panhandler about town.  I applaud Jerry

10 random facts about Tami, the commando thrift shopper

Jes of  Militant-baker  has asked her readers to post 10 random things about themselves and link back to her. Jes is also one of my fashion divanistas on my blogroll. Before I plunge into my Countdown to Kitschmas beginning December 1, it seemed a perfect time to post random facts.  (My plug for my Countdown counts as Random Fact No. 1) 2013 has not been a kind year to me ... RF#2:  I was in a car accident in February.  My car was totaled.  I have yet to buy a new car.  I've been driving Mr. VZ's car.  My wish list for 2014 - I'm thinking maybe the 2014 Impala. RF#3:  I short-sold a house in midtown Sacramento.  Yes, the money pit is gone ... RF#4:  I too love action movies (see Jes' No. 1 RF).  My favorite is DIE HARD  and could watch that movie over and over again. RF#5:  My employer placed me on furlough part-time status for a month and half.  I was getting used to working part-time.  When I came back from furlough, my salary was greatly reduced.  Hm,

Mad for plaid

Ms. Papelicos'  share-in-style  prompt for November 15 is PLAID !  While I could have recycled my long plaid thrifted 70s skirt shown here  (I've got a Gramma Moses vibe going on in that post).  I wanted to find "new/old" plaid.  Yeah, it is one thing to just go into your closet and cobb together an outfit, but I take these prompts as an EXCUSE to find thrifted pieces.  I would have never thought to look for plaid.  Course, now I am seeing it everywhere~ Lavendar hat Charter Club cashmere sweater (both thrifted) Cole Haan pumps (retail) Does my bum make this plaid look big? I hadn't ventured out to the Deseret Industries thrift shop in quite awhile.  Julia V's review on  re Deseret pretty much sums it up, "Great if you need anything but clothing.  I swear they get their shipments via time travel from Iowa, circa 1994."  Time traveling Deseret Industries came through for me.  I found not one plaid skirt but FOUR plaid ski

It's the Zeebs!

When I saw the Shiny-T-Tuesday  "The Zebra Crossing" prompt, I knew I had the PERFECT  blouse to showcase.  My personal challenge is to incorporate as many thrifted pieces as I can into my ensemble.  I picked up this animal print Bisou Bisou blouse a few months ago. Those of you following my evolution devolution as a fashion blogger, have noticed it has been about the eyes!  Those Bette Davis eyes!  For this shot I chose big black fake eyelashes.   Bisou Bisou long sleeved animal print blouse Jones New York maxi skirt (both thrifed) Aerosoles black pumps (retail) Fabric zebra bag (gift from mom) A first time linkup with Elena Fay at  Dcinstyle . Mums gone wild out in my flower garden.   Who or what has been your inspiration and do you do thrift?  

77777 page views and fashion blogging as performance art?

So, I don't have any pics for this post.  Just wanted to say, this must be some kinda lucky - 77,777 page views on this date.  Any numerologists out there?  WHAT does it mean?  M'kay, prolly nothing - kinda neat though. My Q for fellow fashion bloggers - Do you think fashion blogging is a form of performance art?  There is the artistic component of composition, presentation, even explanation.  I have seen some pretty inventive vlogs of those modeling their outfit du jour. Anyhoo, on to upcoming fashion prompts ~ November 12 Shiny T Tuesday at  Flight Platform Living  is "Zebra Crossing." November 13 52 pick-me-up at  is "Analogous colors." November 15 Share in Style at  is "Plaid." Heading out for some commando thrift shopping ... in search of something plaid.