Thursday, November 7, 2013

77777 page views and fashion blogging as performance art?

So, I don't have any pics for this post.  Just wanted to say, this must be some kinda lucky - 77,777 page views on this date.  Any numerologists out there?  WHAT does it mean?  M'kay, prolly nothing - kinda neat though.

My Q for fellow fashion bloggers - Do you think fashion blogging is a form of performance art?  There is the artistic component of composition, presentation, even explanation.  I have seen some pretty inventive vlogs of those modeling their outfit du jour.

Anyhoo, on to upcoming fashion prompts ~

November 12 Shiny T Tuesday at Flight Platform Living is "Zebra Crossing."

November 13 52 pick-me-up at is "Analogous colors."

November 15 Share in Style at is "Plaid."

Heading out for some commando thrift shopping ... in search of something plaid.

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