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Tuesday, October 31, 2023

October Weird and Wacky

This thrifted cutie kitchen witch joined my collection. 

I didn't realize the thrift shop find watch pin was upside down until I got it home. All the better, it will be a regular on this series. 

This Danbury Mint ceramic was offered for sale online. A Charlie Brown Halloween!

These unusual skeleton nesting dolls bid up beyond my budget.

A motorcyclist getting in the mood. Spotted in Jackson, California. 

Frankenstein has taken up residence in the office. 

A Sacramento Shop Showing it's Stuff -

Weird name, fun shop! No we don't sell strap-ons, guns or tie-downs for your truck. We DO however sell rad gifts for rad people!

Not a paid promo - I just like their decorations. 

Ghoul greeting visitors at Goodwill boutique. 

A couple more decorated yards down in Sacramento. 

The extent of my Halloween display. We don't decorate much because no one is going to hike up a mile-long unlit dirt road for a piece of candy.  

Have the happiest of Halloweens!

Friday, October 27, 2023

Stitch in Time

Even though I am a pattern seller, I don't sew with patterns. Go Figure. I'm more freestyle. I am one of those who will take unfinished projects and complete them. Here is a video about such people - Crocheting Loose Ends. It is a Facebook video, 60 Second Docs. 

Since I just posted about my cat quilt, today features two sewing patterns along the feline line.

Sharing these sewing rules - author unknown. 

Just one trip to the thrift shop resulted in my doubling my fabric stash. The three bags priced at $4.99 each 

These fabrics were of such quality I kept two of the three bags of quilting cotton. The amazing fabrics nearly all fit into my eBay swag bag gained from my online attendance of the recent eBay Open. 

My takeaway from the eBay Open was a lot of good tips. Hoping at the next Open some one like me, an older caucasian woman who sells in the collectibles category, will be represented. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Kitty Cat Quilt

The kitty cat quilt top is completed. This is the second quilt top where I have placed the blocks on the border of the quilt rather than queued up in the middle. Going through my fabric, I found the center panel that was manufactured over ten years ago. Usually, I remember where I bought the thrifted fabric, but this panel I don't remember at all. 

A quick peek at the backing, which is fairly nondescript and muted, nearly all cat print themed fabric. 

There are enough remnants left over for the donation quilt for the work gift basket raffle. 

In my first fabric pull for the tiki quilt, I favor the light-colored batik and know I have more of that in my offsite storage. I am still working out how I want to put this all together. 

Thrifting update: I bought this lined picnic basket for $2.99, and filled it with thrifted goodies. 

The drink glass watercolor was created by an Amador County artist, there are a couple pieces of clothing, costume jewelry, and a stuffed Chihuahua. 

Grimacing kitty cat is the precursor to the October Weird and Wacky post at the end of this month.

Friday, October 20, 2023

Purging of the Pyrex

I knew I had squirreled away Pyrex, but didn't realize I had three bowls to list. I pick up Pyrex if it is priced low enough when I can find it. I keep a few smaller pieces for my everyday use.

The zodiac one is the piece de resistance as it has its faded lid. The combined total listings are over $100. Icheeewahwah

On to quilt update: I am zooming along on the cat quilt for my niece. My goal is to make it king-sized with enough left over to make a donation quilt for our gift basket raffle at work for the Sacramento Food Bank. Here are the first 4 completed blocks. 

I am anxious to get a tiki bar quilt completed and listed on my Etsy store. I can applique tiki gods from other fabric on this first go around. For my competition quilt, it looks like I will have to patchwork piece the tiki. 

Hoping this day finds you well and sassy. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

The birth of Tiki Tami Products

I changed my Etsy shop from MinkandPearls, where I sold preowned clothing, to Seems you can change the name of your Etsy shop more than once. Yes, I am positioning for the sale of those tiki bar wall quilts. The image below I used as inspiration to create my new logo above. 

With retirement looming, my plan on this new venture is to devote time each day to sewing. I will also be able to take sewing classes. Those are held during the week in the middle of the day.

I asked the Mr. if he wanted to create anything "tiki" for my new store and he thought I had gone round the bend. 😏 I will offer other types of items, but this is what I've got so far. 

Bucket list item - I have never been to any of the islands - Hawaiian or Polynesian. It is about time I took a visit. 

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Progress on Tiki Bar Quilt

These two bird panels came from a large bag of $2.99 thrifted fabric. They are quite lengthy and will be perfect as backdrops for a craft booth of Tiki Tami handmade products. I just made that up - who knows? It could happen. I am on the continual search how to make more money. 


I found a couple more prints of tiki-themed fabric on Etsy. The problem with buying retail fabric is that it is expensive! I am already $200 invested in this tiki bar quilt project. I estimate I could make at least 5 quilts from what I have just purchased and batiks I have on hand (a tub full). I could also improve on the project with each successive version of the quilt for competition. 
Here is the first fabric pull. 

I was able to pick up a large fabric organizer $1.99 thrifted to store my listed yarn. I have been able to buy all of my organizers for my product at second-hand stores. Saves so much 💸

I had been eyeing a certain 14K gold sapphire/diamond pineapple pendant necklace and finally bought one. I have so many Hawaiian-themed dresses and shirts, I will wear it quite often. 

I regularly cull my clothing by selling it at a clothing exchange. Seems Hawaiian and polynesian-themed clothing is popular. They bought all of my dresses. Next spring, prior to my retirement, I am going to sell nearly all of those types of dresses I have collected. I picked up two pieces at thrift of a Hilo Hattie blue and white print dress and philodendron print shirt. 

Seller update: My eBay sales have picked up and now average $600 in clear profit each month. My goal is to reach $1,000 a month in supplemental income. Better than the lottery!

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Spinning a Yarn

This thrift shop find hit on 2 cylinders - Christmas and yarn. Both are popular items on eBay. 

75 days until Christmas and I am pulling out all of the stops this year. Bringing down the big full-sized tree, rather than just the three foot one. Bringing out ALL of the decorations rather than just part of them.🎄There is no particular reason why other than how many Christmases will I have left to celebrate 20, 30, or 40, if I am lucky? I would 105 in 40 years.

My estate is finally in order. Having worked in the legal field nearly all of my life, I know the importance of having things organized for your family. 

Quilting update: I spent a few hours searching for tiki-themed fabric and found it next to impossible! I do know I want to create a tiki bar quilt for either the county or state fair competition. Progress so far - Batik background fabric purchased. Split-leaf philodendron leaves fabric found in remnants. I will have to patchwork piece the tiki God(s), then applique them onto the background. 

Pattern of the Day is this incredibly cute Americana decor. First time I have run into a Sacramento-based pattern maker.

Sewing patterns are caught up on the listing board. Next is books, and a ton of yarn! 💙

Friday, October 6, 2023

In the Tiki Room

I will admit to a certain tiki obsession. There are, of course, like-minded individuals and Facebook groups dedicated to the craze. 

In light of that, I believe I may have stumbled onto a niche for wall quilts. Here is a tiki-themed one (artist unknown) that was posted in Polynesian Pop Tiki Collectors. 

If the first-place win at the county fair artist sees this post, I will give credit. I can't make out the name tag pinned on the side. 

Anyhoo, seems this quilt gained a lot of interest with certain individuals wanting to purchase the creation. 

💡Lightbulb goes off for me. I am a quilter. I like tiki stuff. I just made two tiki-themed quilts. I bet there is a market for this! ding ding ding

I am currently in search of any tiki/polynesian themed fabric. Now and again, I participate in the monthly fabshophop where you "find the bunny" to earn prizes and discounts on fabric.

Other musings.

There must be some kind of Murphy's Law to selling online. As I mentioned in my last post on my book culling activities, guess what just started selling? The books under $15. The very ones I have been removing from eBay listings. Luckily, I had only made it from A to E on the shelves. 

I am going to term this phenomena Peddler's Law. You are, after all, a modern-day peddler if you sell online. PEDDLER'S LAW No. 1: The very items you remove from your online listings will start selling like hotcakes. 

On the quilting front - I have decided to buy an electric rotary cutter. When you cut fabric you usually don't use scissors but rather a rotary cutter. I have been using a manual one that is hard on my hands and wrists. I am waiting for Prime Day on Amazon to see if there is a discount. 

Countdown to Christmas post creation continues. There is a lot of prep for those 25 holiday-themed ones. I have purchased a set of Bing & Grondahl plates, added to the Christmas tree pin forest, and bought Hallmark ornaments at thrift. 

Hope everyone is having a Happy Friday! 😁

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Yippee for the Yarn and the Culling of the Books

I was nearly apopletic when I missed out on Day 1 of a nearby church rummage sale. I made it to the morning opening for Day 2 and was rewarded. Someone divested themself of their yarn stash. The parishoners priced the yarn at 25 cents per shopping bag! I spent a grand total of $6. 

Here is the tub full ready to be processed. I estimate the lot will bring $75 - $100 profit. 

In my $6 total were 3 needlework kits, and a couple pieces of winter clothing. 

Second stop was 50% off at thrift, I added to my day's sourcing a colorful crocheted blanket, sewing patterns, and a couple of CDs. What I do with the crocheted blankets as I buy them, I trade out/up the ones I use in the cargo area of our cars. This one is so delicate and delightful.

Seller update: The culling of the books for sale has begun. I de-listed anything under $15. There was one book listed for at least 3 years with 1 page view! I thrifted back 6 grocery bags full. I am halfway through culling in that category. 

After I have finished with the books, I will cull the CDs. Any still in wrapper, I will keep on the boards. Any below $15 will be delisted. 

The last and most massive category will be the sewing patterns. My intention is to lot up similar patterns in similar sizes. 

My focus has been shifting from a multitude of lower-priced items to select higher profit items. I think you keep evolving in your business. My initial reasons for becoming a seller was to fund my thrift shop purchases for myself and others.