Friday, October 6, 2023

In the Tiki Room

I will admit to a certain tiki obsession. There are, of course, like-minded individuals and Facebook groups dedicated to the craze. 

In light of that, I believe I may have stumbled onto a niche for wall quilts. Here is a tiki-themed one (artist unknown) that was posted in Polynesian Pop Tiki Collectors. 

If the first-place win at the county fair artist sees this post, I will give credit. I can't make out the name tag pinned on the side. 

Anyhoo, seems this quilt gained a lot of interest with certain individuals wanting to purchase the creation. 

💡Lightbulb goes off for me. I am a quilter. I like tiki stuff. I just made two tiki-themed quilts. I bet there is a market for this! ding ding ding

I am currently in search of any tiki/polynesian themed fabric. Now and again, I participate in the monthly fabshophop where you "find the bunny" to earn prizes and discounts on fabric.

Other musings.

There must be some kind of Murphy's Law to selling online. As I mentioned in my last post on my book culling activities, guess what just started selling? The books under $15. The very ones I have been removing from eBay listings. Luckily, I had only made it from A to E on the shelves. 

I am going to term this phenomena Peddler's Law. You are, after all, a modern-day peddler if you sell online. PEDDLER'S LAW No. 1: The very items you remove from your online listings will start selling like hotcakes. 

On the quilting front - I have decided to buy an electric rotary cutter. When you cut fabric you usually don't use scissors but rather a rotary cutter. I have been using a manual one that is hard on my hands and wrists. I am waiting for Prime Day on Amazon to see if there is a discount. 

Countdown to Christmas post creation continues. There is a lot of prep for those 25 holiday-themed ones. I have purchased a set of Bing & Grondahl plates, added to the Christmas tree pin forest, and bought Hallmark ornaments at thrift. 

Hope everyone is having a Happy Friday! 😁

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