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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Yippee for the Yarn and the Culling of the Books

I was nearly apopletic when I missed out on Day 1 of a nearby church rummage sale. I made it to the morning opening for Day 2 and was rewarded. Someone divested themself of their yarn stash. The parishoners priced the yarn at 25 cents per shopping bag! I spent a grand total of $6. 

Here is the tub full ready to be processed. I estimate the lot will bring $75 - $100 profit. 

In my $6 total were 3 needlework kits, and a couple pieces of winter clothing. 

Second stop was 50% off at thrift, I added to my day's sourcing a colorful crocheted blanket, sewing patterns, and a couple of CDs. What I do with the crocheted blankets as I buy them, I trade out/up the ones I use in the cargo area of our cars. This one is so delicate and delightful.

Seller update: The culling of the books for sale has begun. I de-listed anything under $15. There was one book listed for at least 3 years with 1 page view! I thrifted back 6 grocery bags full. I am halfway through culling in that category. 

After I have finished with the books, I will cull the CDs. Any still in wrapper, I will keep on the boards. Any below $15 will be delisted. 

The last and most massive category will be the sewing patterns. My intention is to lot up similar patterns in similar sizes. 

My focus has been shifting from a multitude of lower-priced items to select higher profit items. I think you keep evolving in your business. My initial reasons for becoming a seller was to fund my thrift shop purchases for myself and others. 

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