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Thursday, April 1, 2021

"A" Letter Day launching the A to Z Challenge

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Hello audience and welcome to the first day of the A to Z Challenge. I have returned after a three year hiatus - time does fly. 

My posts will follow along the theme of Reselling on eBay. A few posts may stray into my other interests as well. 

If you want to begin reselling on eBay, you have got to take ACTION. It all begins with sourcing for product. Even though I was already thrifting, buying for myself and collecting sewing patterns, I didn't get over the interia for over a year of actually listing items for sale. 

One of my passions in collecting has been vintage patterns, specifically apron ones.  
The 2016 AtoZ Apron

The 2021 AtoZ Apron
A pose full of hope for the springtime.

Here are some of my recent sewing pattern finds, all keepers. 
One from 2008.

Retro wannabes, also from 2008.

The real deal retro apron pattern, so old it is undated. 

On my theme reveal, I first posted I was going to include details about my diet but decided against it. Why prattle on about my personal health history? Rather, I found a vintage 1954 book that has captured my interest, The Escoffier Cook Book. A plainly bound publication that will produce each day's nugget of delightfulness. Since I deal in mainly cookbooks as an online reseller, it seemed only fitting to share recipes from this amazing book. 

American Relishes

These consist of various kinds of fruit and of small onions and gherkins, prepared with vinegar, seasoned with sugar and cinnamon, and flavored with cayenne. 

They resemble what the Italians call "Aceto-dolce" (sweet and sour). This hors-d'oeuvre is accompanied by special cinnamon buns, and remains on the table throughout the meal.

Finally, my college class queued up for the summer - Ancient Art!

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  1. That last apron pattern looks very "50s" to me. I learned to sew in 1954 and not all patterns were printed yet at that time. Some were already cut to shape and had punched holes in a line for straight of grain. My first pattern was from the Advance Pattern Company and was also 35 cents. It is not a printed pattern.