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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Wall/cubicle quilted coverings and the Weird Ones

April's quilted wall covering
Motif - kitty cat print fabric

In my former life (aka pre-remote working), I occupied a cubicle in a state building in Sacramento and decorated my cubicle space with quilted wall coverings. Now, I pin the coverings to hanging tapestry that covers my mirrored closet doors in my remote office/bedroom. 

My last on-site cubicle cover.
This one was done in upholstery fabric.

This mini quilt was given to a friend.

A Valentine's One

Last month's motif
Pre-printed quilt block fabric

Pieces of the Past mini quilt
Included lots of retro fabric

In past challenges, my "W" posts served as the Weird and Wacky in the World of Thrift. There simply wasn't enough to populate this post 'cept for this piece de resistance.

Horsehead made of unknown material
offered at an online auction

I do have a story about a recent weird one. I chalk it up to competitors not liking how I price my sewing patterns. This person complained about shipping so I changed it from parcel post to first class (cheaper) and said they could make an offer if the cost was still too high. 

I get an email back that the shipping cost is $1 too expensive. REALLY? Total cost is maybe $15 tops. I used that little feature called "blocking the buyer." I have had the most pushback on the shipping price for my sewing patterns. 

I am just a gal that wants to retire someday. 

Since it is "W" day round the AtoZ Challenge, I am sharing a recipe from The Escoffier's Cook Book

Waldorf Salad

Take equal quantities of russet apples and celeriac (knob celery), both cut into dice, and halved and peeled walnuts, soaked in fresh water for one-quarter hour, and well drained. 

Season with clear mayonnaise sauce. 

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  1. What is Wrong with me? I totally overlooked visiting your posts this A-Z! You, the person Who clued me into this fun challenge!

    The Horsehead. No Words.

    W is for Waterlogues:

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