Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Quilting and all that

Sneaking in Quilting on this Q letter day for the AtoZ Challenge. One of my passions even though I leave the heavy-lifting of block creation to others. I buy blocks and fabric at thrift. This one is Dresden Plate block Meets Batik Bali Pop. I bought the Dresden Plate ones, along with 11 applique flower blocks and some other orphan blocks from a mystery quilter. If I remember right, I sold some of the blocks to cover my original $40 investment. 

All I had to do was square up the blocks, and add the borders and sashing. The Batik Bali Pop fabric collection was cut into 2-1/2" strips. The Dresden plate blocks were hand appliqued by original quilter. All look to be vintage fabrics used in the Dresdens. 

Lucky photobombed this shot, as cats are want to do. 

Now that the weather has warmed, I can complete more sewing projects. Spring and summer allow me to spend time in the sewing studio where it is cool and comfortable.
The kitty in a Princess teacup print will be my backing. 

The 11 flower applique blocks will require some work. Some of the flowers are just basted on and need some hand sewing. 

My quilt books have been going up for sale. My tastes have changed since I began quilting a few years ago. Specialty quilt books are particularly popular on resell. 

Quince Jelly

Select very ripe fruit; cut it into slices; peel and seed these, and throw them into a basin of fresh water. 

Then put them into a preserving kettle with three and half pints of water per lb. of quinces, and cook them without stirring. This done, transfer them to a sieve, and let them drain. Return the juice to the pot, together with twelve oz. of sugar per lb.; dissolve the sugar; and set the whole to cook on a hot fire, meanwhile skimming with care, until the nappe stage is almost reached. 

As soon as the jelly is cooked, strain it through a piece of muslin stretched over a basin; and by this means, a perfectly clear jelly will be obtained. 

The Escoffier Cook Book

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