Be Willing to Change What You Sell

When I first joined eBay in 2002, I was only selling my college textbooks to the next poor starving student. A couple of years ago, it occurred to me I could underwrite some of my thrifted purchases by selling some items. In lockdown, I listed everything that didn't move. It was then where I got a sense of what would sell and what wouldn't. Be willing to make changes in the product you are selling. 

There is also a feature as a seller where you can block buyers. A couple of months ago, I had one buyer message me complaining about the price of a sewing pattern. Rather than make a reasonable offer, buyer prattled on about the price. Said buyer was blocked from future bidding or contact. 

On the subject of sewing patterns, I call them my little "money packets." I had collected patterns for years, just because I liked them. I also scanned in the front of the pattern packets so I could post a Pattern of the Day. 

Bordelaise Chicken Saute

Saute the chicken in butter, and put it on a dish. Surround it with small quartered artichoke-bottoms stewed in butter; sliced potatoes cooked in butter, and slices of fried onions, arranged in small heaps, with a small bunch of fried parsley between each heap. 

Swirl the saucepan with a few tablespoons of chicken gravy, and sprinkle the fowl with it.

The Escoffier Cook Book.


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