Little Lucky update and eBay Listing Templates

Little Lucky is highlighted today. She is one of 3 cats that own us (cat owners know what I mean). At 8 months old, she is the youngest and most persnickety of the three. Here are links to posts about her Lucky update 1 Lucky update 2 Lucky update 3.

She was recently spayed, you can just see the shaved portion on her lower belly. 

When one upgrades to a Basic Store, there is the ability to create Listing Templates. I use these all the time. If I have a unique item, I just create a single listing without using a template. 

Leaving you with a recipe for Lark Pate

For this hors-d'oeuvre use the ready-made pate, which is obtained either in earthenware pots or in crusts. Thorough congeal it by means of ice; turn it out of its receptacle, cut it into very small and thin slices, and arrange them on an hors-d'oeuvre dish with a little chopped aspic-jelly in the middle.  

The Escoffier Cook Book


Beth Lapin said…
LUCKY sure is lucky! I am fostering two cats, who are not as comfortable around people yet.


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