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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Unlisted and U

All the Unlisted items are just waiting to be offered for sale. 

This U post had me stumped. There is always one or two letters in the challenge that give me trouble. 

U would be surprised at how much maintenance your body requires as you age. Hands and feet are easy to ignore, but you shouldn't. Diet and exactly what you eat moves to the forefront. U wake up some mornings and discover you have injured yourself while sleeping! Aging is fraught with many perils. 

Ursulines de Nancy

Prepare some barquette crusts.

Mould some chicken forcemeat into large, round, regular quenelles, and poach them in some white consomme, in time for them to be ready when the Ursulines are finished. 

A few moments before serving, garnish the barquette crusts with foie-gras puree, thinned with a little good half-glaze, flavored with port or sherry wine. In the middle of each garnished barquette, set a well-drained mousseline quenelle; decorate each quenelle with a thin and wide slide of truffle; set a small heap of asparagus tis, mixed with butter, at either end of the barquettes, that is to say, on either side of the quenelle; and slightly coat the latter with chicken glaze finished with butter. 

Serve, separately, a sauceboat containing some of the same chicken glaze with butter. 

The Escoffier Cook Book

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