Sourcing is what it is called nowdays, and second cat Susie

What used to known as thrifting is now known as Sourcing. I think I am Over Sourced right now. If you can't keep up with listing your product, you've got to Stop Buying. *grins*

On to my middle cat is Susie. She was an adoptee from the local shelter. That is what they named her and I decided not to change that. 

She proved her worth within the first two weeks. She caught a baby rattlesnake and was playing with it when I took it away from her and dispatched it. She is not fond of the other 2 cats and spends her days hunting. 

The world just wouldn't be right if I didn't include sewing patterns. I keep the older the better ones - even if just for the graphics on the pattern packets. Here is my recent slew to join my collection. All of them are undated but I place them as late 1950s, early 1960s.

Recipe of the day from The Escoffier Cook Book (1954).

Springtime Breezes (Brise du Printemps)

Take some violet-flavored, slightly iced whipped cream, and set in small dessert dishes, by means of a spoon. 


Lisa said…
What a recipe! The pattern envelopes are gorgeous. And look at those original prices! Patterns are so expensive now it might be cheaper to buy ready-made clothing.
Cute cat. Two of my three just showed up and decided to move in. My puppy now came pre-named and I kept it.

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