Very Important Items for the Victorious Reseller

The following are Very Important Items, at least for the ones I list on eBay. 

Scotch tape. I spend a lot of time taping up dust jackets for books and repairing sewing pattern packets. 

Glue. Mainly used to repair the spines on books. Certainly not a sanctioned book rehabilitator, but it works. 

Goo Gone. Removes sticky, gummy, gooey problems (not a paid promotion). Sometimes labels will not become unstuck and there is yuck all over otherwise good CD cases. 

Vogue sewing patterns are my best selling and I delight when I find them in the thrift shop wild. Here is a recent listing.

I will be out of town next month so I put my eBay store on Vacation Mode. We will see how that plays out. 

Sharing a recipe from The Escoffier Cook Book (pub. 1954).


Finely mince the white part of four medium-sized leeks. Put this into a pot with one oz. of butter, and stew gently for a quarter of an hour. Then add three medium-sized quartered potatoes, cut into slices the thickness of a quarter. Moisten with one pint of white consomme; add the necessary quantity of salt, and set to cook gently. When about to serve, finish the soup with one pint of boiled milk and one and one-half oz. of butter; pour into soup-tureen, and add twelve slices of French dinner rolls, cut as thinly as possible. Add cream and chill. 


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