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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Knowing when to fold em

Having a bit of trouble with my hands means I have to limit the time that I use them. Quilting, sewing, and needlework have been drastically limited (non-existent) these past few months. New reselling listings have slowed. College course is nearly halfway through so I will continue on that path. The constant mousing and typing at work is taking its toll on my hands. I may have to make a choice between my first job and my second job. Or learn how to use voice dictation. Knowing when to fold them, knowing when to quit. I will figure this all out. 


Peel and slice one-half lb. of peaches and an equal quantity of pineapple; add four oz. of ripe melon pulp, cut into cubes, and four oz. of a mixture of raspberries and red and white currants, cleared of their stalks. Put these fruits in a silver timbale and keep the latter on ice. Set a little cinnamon to steep in a half-bottleful of boiling, white wine; add six oz. of sugar and the zest of one lemon; and let the whole cool. Then add half a pint of a mixed puree of strawberries and red-currants to the infusion. 

Filter the whole, and complete it by the addition of a bottle of champagne.

Pour this preparation over fruit, and serve the timbale very cold. 

The Escoffier Cook Book

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