Cookbooks and the Connection Challenge

There used to be an antiques/junk shop on J street in Sacramento. It was filled to the brim nearly floor to ceiling with stuff. In the back was the book room. I remember row upon row of cookbooks. Kicking myself now I didn't snab the best of the bunch. 

One of my best-selling items is vintage cookbooks. Betty Crocker red plaids, any retro year. The New York Times Cook Book (pub. 1961), the Fannie Farmer cookbooks. I don't remember the cuisine from the 1970s being particularly appealing, it was the rise of vegetarianism but those vintage ones sell. 

One of the challenges within a challenge is "Connection Challenge" to grow a new friendship with a blogger. I hope to discover some amazing blogs on my AtoZ journey. 

Cardinal Strawberries

Set some fine, cooled strawberries in a timbale; coat them with raspberry sauce, or a puree of fresh raspberries, and sprinkle the latter with slivered fresh almonds. 

The Escoffier Cook Book


Lisa said…
I collect those usually spiral or comb-bound cookbooks that are usually sold as fund-raisers. You know, like for churches, family reunions, etc. I snap them up at thrift stores and library sales. I love the hand-written notes in them! I think they are pieces of Americana. My son has his great-grandmother's and it has measurements like "butter the size of an egg." And recipes for brains.
Frédérique said…
I'm not the cook at home, so I'm not the one owning cookbooks ;))
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