Friday, April 16, 2021

Numbers and Why They Add Up to Becoming a Reseller

By now, you may have read a few of my reseller-related posts. If you are a thrifter, or if you want to reduce the number of collectibles you've gathered over the years [I fell into both of those categories], then you should consider listing those items on eBay. 

I still shop for myself when I thrift. Since I began reselling, more and more of the items that I buy secondhand are for listing. The numbers just can't be ignored. I buy items ranging in price from 49 cents to $2 on average. I list the items ranging from $5 to whatever the market will bear. I have made $5,000 in the past 12 months. Another way to represent it - my net sales average $300 a month. That is money on the ground $300 a month. Granted, there is work involved and I hope I have conveyed that concept. 

There is also the fun side of having the eBay app on your phone. Every time you make a sale, if you have notifications turned on, you will hear "Cha-Ching!" I also like to see what trends in sales. Vintage cookbooks are selling like hot cakes. Sewing patterns are slow and steady. CD sales surprise me too. It all boils down to having something for sale that is either rare, trending, or in short supply.

My goal is net $500 a month. I want to build that Big Red Barn and/or buy that property by the ocean. 

Nesselrode Pudding

To an English custard, add eight oz. of a smooth, chestnut puree, and four oz. of currants and sultana raisins plumped in tepid water, and candied orange peel and cherries, cut into dice; these four products should be in almost equal quantities, and should have been previously steeped in sweetened Madeira. 

The Escoffier Cook Book

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  1. I should downsize my collectibles "collection" -- I've considered it, but only in a fleeting "put that on the lifelong to-do list" kind of way.