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Monday, April 5, 2021

Debt and the Dreaded Deathpile

For those just joining in the party, one of the main reasons I became an eBay reseller was to get out of debt. I accomplished my goal. I began 2019 five thousand dollars in debt. While not all of my debt elimination was from sales (stimulus payments, income tax return refund), it contributed to at least half of me getting there. 

Debt and the worry it brings is not worth sacrificing one's health. Granted, I was given the gift of time when we went into lockdown, to list everything I had been hoarding for  a little while years. 

The Deathpile for resellers is anything you haven't listed yet. Mine includes CDs, sewing kits, Boy/Girl Scout stuff, and more from my own collection of books. Camo Build A Bear wearing the Angry Birds knit cap is a forever companion, rescued from the auction boards after being included in my "list everything" lockdownitis. 

Deathpile #1 books, books, and more books

Deathpile #2 needlework kits and boy/girl scout stuff

Deathpile #3 Sewing patterns and CDs
(green tub full of CDs)

Toys, which we are not going to DISCUSS
Not listed for sale, not even planning to list for sale

Double checking your eBay orders. Checking the packing slip against the order, double checking the correct CD is in the right case. All of my "D" tip pointers. 

Deviled Eggs

Cook the eggs in the open pan; turn them, after the manner of pancakes on both sides, taking care lest they break. Slide them gently onto a dish, and sprinkle them with brown butter and a few drops of vinegar which has been stirred into the pan. 

The Escoffier Cook Book

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  1. Congratulations on getting out of debt! And kudos for the dedication selling online clearly takes.