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Monday, April 19, 2021

Photographing the Product and eBay Promotions

Photographing the Product, or putting your stuff up for sale. This is where the work comes in. Photographing, editing and creating the listings takes time. I will not lie. My sewing patterns are easy peasy because I scan them in and they require very little editing. 

Here is one book I have listed for sale and how I photographed the side binding.

One feature I utilize monthly in my eBay marketing are Promotions or Markdown sales. When stock goes stagnant, I deeply discount from 30 to 50 percent off.  

Pidgeon Pie

Line the bottom and sides of a pie dish with very thin, flattened slices of lean beef, seasoned with salt and pepper, and sprinkled with chopped shallots. 

Set the quartered pidgeons inside the dish, and separate them with a halved hard-boiled egg-yolk for each pidgeon. Moisten half-way up with good gravy; cover with a layer of puff pastry; brush with egg; press down the rim; make a slit in the top, and bake for about one and one-half hours in a good, moderate oven. 

The Escoffier Cook Book

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