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Friday, April 23, 2021

Thrifting and Terapeak Research

I haven't shared recently my thrifting scores. There are sewing patterns, quilting books, a needlework kit, and material - all of my favorite things. I look through the quilting books now, pure eye candy, then list them for sale. 

Terapeak Research is a tool offered to eBay store subscribers. One can search "solds" in any category. As an example, I entered "crocheted blankets" and found recent sales in the past 30 days ranged from $15 to $60. The black outlined colorful granny square ones are the most popular. 

I try to pick unusual recipes from The Escoffier Cook Book, this one qualifies. 

Tongue Toast

Prepare some slices of bread, equal in thickness, and toast them. Now garnish with a coating, half as thick as the slices themselves, of mustard butter. Cover the butter with thin slices of very red, cured and smoked tongue, and let the butter harden. 

Stamp out the pieces of toast with a star-shaped fancy cutter. Finally, make a rosette of mustard butter in the middle of each piece of toast. 

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