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Friday, April 9, 2021

Hoarding - the dark side of reselling

I will admit there is an underbelly to being a reseller. It means storing a. lot. of. stuff. There are things you haven't listed, things you have listed, and things you end up keeping. Most of my listings are small items so that translates to needing very little storage space. I pick up fabric lined baskets at thrift to keep things organized. 

There are only so many places one can hide the unlisted stuff. The Mr. just blew a cog because I haven't been listing and moving through the product. 

How to Bid on Online Auctions: There is an art to winning bids in online auctions. I have found the best method is to lurk and bid at the last moment, then cross your fingers and hope you have won. 

When I first started listing on eBay, all of my listings were auction style. So, the listings would end and I would have to relist them. Luckily, I had little on the boards then. After I discovered fixed price listings, all of them were converted to that option.  

Haricots Panaches

This consists of string beans and flageolets (wax beans), in equal quantities, mixed with butter.

The Escoffier Cook Book

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