Thursday, April 29, 2021

You Get One Free Pass and One Time Around

My "Y" letter day has typically ending up being You Get One Free Pass. 

I have been wondering if my blog and these posts will be analyzed by someone in the future. Maybe in 2121 a retrospective on bloggers, a mere 100 years away. 

Will our social media footprint survive into the future? Or will there be so. much. information. that our blip in time will be forgotten? 

Here, I have given you all of the reseller, eBay tips and yet I have to reveal that my sales overall are down. I don't find it surprising. We are all sort of like chickens being let out of the coop. Will you be doing lots of indoor activities now? My mindset is I want to Go, Go, Go. I realized I have always enjoyed driving and I make excuses to travel to nearby cities on some of California's most scenic routes (Highway 49) and other highways in Amador County. 

I believe there is an overall change in attitude of those of us who have survived intact the last year+. We want to be outside and going places, and seeing things, and being with our people. 

You only get one time around. 

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