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Saturday, August 29, 2020

Editing listings and Lucky update

The vintage buttonholder card was tucked into my sewing pattern tub. I have my "kept" patterns down to one small tub (originally 5). 

I have edited half of my 500+ of my eBay listings. I made them all blue dot conforming (see my previous post) and raised the prices. I knew I had under-priced quite a few items but was testing the market to get product moving out the door. As long as I can find CDs for $1 each and sell them for more than $10, I will continue to list them. 

Speaking of CDs, I found my first long box at thrift, a Carole King one to boot. I also found a Peter Frampton Comes Alive! supposedly a high dollar CD. Buying all types of styles and genres really pushes me out of my musical comfort zone. Newest listen is a New Zealand group the Warratahs. I have also picked up a couple of Disney CDs, so I will report if those are movers or not.  

I loaded up on needlework kits and this time I won't price them so low. Here is the best of the bunch. While I love the counted cross stitch ones, they are my least favorite to complete and they seem to the be the most favorite on the eBay listings. I will keep the mallard needlepoint, it even has its hoop included.

Great day for sourcing, I found everything that I deal in - CDs, needlework kits, sewing related books and clothes for myself and the Mr. This $2 scouting vest was in Halloween costumes. I will lot it up with other scout stuff I have been collecting. Here are some of the fun patches on the back of the vest.

Little Lucky update. She is thriving and is kept garage confined until the summer heat and smoke subside. 

I would also like to see her get a little bigger so she can hold her own against our other two cats.

College is in full swing and September means starting a new job!

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