Monday, August 17, 2020

Doll Day on the Midway

The Stupsi doll pair sold listed for around a year, I bought them for $1.50 each, I sold the pair for $40. If I had children in my life, I would have kept them. 

And wouldn't cha know, the same day I sold the Stupsis, I found this mystery bag of dolls for $2.99 at thrift. They looked a little bedraggled but promising. I think the one in the middle is a strawberry shortcake. Some have had a "little" hair trimming done. 
The lineup pre-cleaned. 
The group cleaned up quickly by putting them delicate cycle in a lingerie bag with all of their clothing left on. 
I used to have a doll like the one on the far left. She is joining my patriotic collection and will be further festooned in red, white and blue. Doll in the middle has punk-out potential and other than what little is left of her hair, all of her costuming is intact. The others will be listed for sale. 

I am starting to see the other resellers. I rarely hit thrift during the week but it is Staycation Week in the Von Zalez household. The others snag the quality stuff. I was a few minutes too late on a well executed oil on canvas floral. Made my heart ache. 

Fun Find of the Day - a Prince The Hits 2 CD. I have always been a fan but never bought any of his recordings. It is a happy Tami day when I find his music secondhand. 

My latest collecting obsession, sheet music and music compilations for guitar and vocals. This 99 cent gem is a forever keeper. I have been collecting violin music for many years now. When I played the violin, I recall how expensive sheet music was (and still is). 

I've been rearranging my remote workspace (aka the spare bedroom). This cross stitch was initially under glass and framed in gold. The frame broke and is being fixed. I took the opportunity to re-frame the hibiscus flowers in a glass-free traditional wood frame (pointing the right direction). 

Have you been rearranging your living space? Doing home improvement projects? 

Ending with a BOLO wooden alphabet blocks ($1.99). These Sesame Street ones I predict will go quick, being sold as a lot with other wooden blocks. I also picked up an adorable working 50 cent Disney toy I will highlight on my next post. 

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