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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Something to Crow About

Two dollar ceramic rooster (no chips or cracks!) joined my collection. Of late, the best scores have been those they have just rolled onto the floor. 
Blogger has changed some things, making it more challenging. The old format was just fine. Adding a label now takes an act of God. 

Back to the something to crow about, I finally achieved the promotion I had been seeking. I am in the contingent stage pending background check, etc. so a start date is not set yet. I will still be working remotely but work more aligned with my legal experience. This is the job I have had my heart set on since I began public service. I started in an entry level legal secretary position, taking me nearly 7 years to get back to the professional level I left in private practice. 

On to reseller's update: Specialty and vintage cookbooks, CDs went up on the sales block. I TRY not to keep all the amazing cookbooks. This first edition Disney cookbook was pulled from my sales floor. I already tagged and scanned two recipes and thought, oh why not? It's a keeper. 
What I did list was a retro 70s Spice Island Cookbook.

Still experiencing hot temperatures in Northern California. Lots of indoor time mean I continue to put up those eBay listings. 

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