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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Focusing on the Fabulous

Leading off with Fun Find of the Day - these 3 Grateful Dead poster mugs 69 cents each from Goodwill. Not retro but very cool. 

Where there is smoke, there is fire. Boy howdy, do we have a lot of smoke. We live in a Northern California tinder box, fearful of a fire maelstrom. Nine of the 10 acres burned here five years ago. We can't even escape to the coast because of the you-know-what outbreak. 

Little Lucky kitten update - she is acting more like a kitten now, playing and romping. A nice diversion from all of the stressors that include working remotely, Covid concerns, heat waves, and now excessive air pollution. 

My staycation goal was to make 600 eBay listings. The total now stands at 560 - all the new ones being sewing patterns. Now I have to wait for September promotion fixed price listings to continue. I have enough in my death pile from a recent sourcing trip to Folsom, California with the usual sewing patterns and needlework kits. There is a Star Wars costume pattern (yay) and I thought I would venture into Halloween items. 


It must be the Summer of the Blue Ball Jar, finding yet another one, complete with its wire closure.

This group of vintage books will most certainly sell. I kept both the blue 1972 Singer Sewing manual and the Cookie Jar encyclopedia. Three jars that I have are listed in the book.  

I admit I am buying more. Nothing worse than a pandemic shutdown to trigger a hoarder. One of my mother's friends also sent me an entire box of beautiful fabric! I am going to spin a sweet and simple quilt for her. A total surprise.

I am binding minimalist plaid quilt so its glamour shots in the wild will be soon. 

College has begun and I couldn't be happier. No, I am not sending my kid away to college, I have gone back to school. Since it is all an online learning platform, it is ideal for me. 

It is good to be student. Amazon Prime is just $6.50 a month for students (6 mos. free) (this is not an ad). I have had numerous tax incentives over the years too. But back to prime, there are numerous programs we haven't seen that are offered through this service. We had about run out of things to watch on Netflix and Hulu. This also gives my 92 year old mother, who I place orders for, more items with free shipping. She also got to order a fashionable bejeweled face mask only offered through Prime. She was delighted.

Pattern is the Day are these Cafe Curtains from 1957. Another one of my keeper patterns found today.

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