Saturday, August 8, 2020

Back to the regular programming

I posted a couple of kitty posts now back to the usual topics. I will let you know how Lucky is doing, as cat posts from me are few and far between. She has taken to hiding under the towels in her cage. Her first vet appointment is on Thursday. 

I haven't been much in the mood of anything. Summers can be draining with the 90-100 degree heat. Starting a new job and going back to college will more than consume my time. 

As happens, thrift shop finds have slowed down. Good in way, because I was bleeding money stocking up on what I had found. I continue to buy clothes for myself but share very little of those finds. 

Having hit my 500 listings goal, I can pull back from the push. Bite-sized lots like 5 or 10 are easier to fit in rather than 25 to 30 listings. Sort of plugging away here and there, stuck inside with near 100 degree heat again. 

Golly whiz, my first eBay certificate and I am on the way to Top Rated Seller status. I redacted my real last name, because I work in privacy at my department. 

Pattern of the Day is this 1997 Vogue Creative sort of ethnic-looking uncut tunic pattern. A pattern of ethnic-looking hats sold quickly.

Yet another keeper from my finds, this 1992 Engel Puppen $2 at thrift. I discovered she had a broken finger after I brought her home but that wouldn't have stopped me. She, along with a couple of other dolls, will be sent to the doll hospital for minor repairs. 

So looking forward to my new job beginning September 1!

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