Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Pattern Listing Day and eBay store categories

Had our pooch not hurt herself (meaning an emergency trip to the vet), I would not have stumbled onto a thrift shop half off sale after I dropped her off. Sewing patterns, needlework kits and a Tink Disney mug, my 2nd Disney find of the week. Day3 of the Von Zalez Staycation means afternoons devoted to sewing pattern listing. I am very much an outdoors person but not in 100+ degree heat. 

Here is this darling of a unfinished counted cross stitch that was listed.

This 1965 bathrobe pattern is a keeper. All of those from the 1960s and earlier I keep. Call it nostalgia, maybe even foresight, but I am not letting those go right now. There is a 60s hairstyle, a bun on top of a bouffant on the blonde in front.

I continue to refine my eBay selling techniques. Here is a recent YouTube tutorial on organizing your product into categories. This also shows you how to bulk search your listings, something I couldn't figure out previously.

The new Dell XPS 15 laptop arrived and it. is. beautiful. 15" sleek. It couldn't have arrived at a better time, college starts up in a few days. Financed through Dell, hoping a stimulus check and a pay raise will have it paid off within the year if not sooner. 

Here is a Disney toy recently listed. Will my 49 cent investment in this toy pay off?

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