Monday, August 3, 2020

There is a new fur baby in my life

This critter was not an intentional addition to the Von Zalez ranch family. We already have two cats and one dog. Two cats is one cat too many *grins*. Her head is cupped in my hand because she was too weak to hold it up. 

We named her Lucky. Lucky because the Mr. found her in the middle of our rural road when he was headed to work Sunday morning. She was mewing loudly and was so emaciated. Lucky because another day exposed to near 100 degree weather would have killed her. Still weak, she is eating well.  

There are only a couple of scenarios why a weakened kitten would be on the road. One, someone drove up the road and dumped the kitten, or she could have been part of a feral litter and the mother was moving them. We didn't find any other kittens where she was found though. 

She will be caged until she is old enough to fend for herself. She has many perils to avoid ahead of her, large predators like mountain lion and bobcat, coyotes, hawks, raccoons, rattlesnakes, to name a few. If she is skookums like our other ranch cats, she will survive into old cat age. 

I would like to get her used to a harness, since she is young enough to train. Now is one of the best times to add a pet to the family because you have the time to devote to socializing them. 

The Mr. teases about the "boat fund" that my reselling business may finance. Lucky would be a boat kitty walking the docks with us in her cat harness. 

Speaking of cats, here is one CD I have for sale, Nine Lives by Little Charlie and the Nightcats!

Finally, my passion for fabric showing through, I bought a bag of mystery fabric from Goodwill. Three quarters of it was unusable to me but then there were some vintage gems hidden in the middle of the bag, like this panel. 

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