Monday, August 24, 2020

Reselling Funds my Thrifting

Sometimes it is all about You. Thrift shopping is a total indulgence, because hardly any of it is ever Needed, most is certainly Wanted. Like one of these blown glass watering thingees. Always priced too high retail, at 99 cents it now keeps my palm plant, a recent transplant from my old office cubicle, well watered. In fact, now all of my office kitsch has been moved home. I doubt I will decorate my new office space since I won't be in office anyway. 

I also collect leaded glass lamps. As with artwork, I upgrade my lamps also. When I find a higher quality one, I either thrift another one back or keep it to put in another location. 

I have declared it the summer of the Blue Bell Jar. This is the third one I have found in the past three months. The little ceramic bowls are for Lucky. I had been using custard cups for her food and water. 

Finally, in my finds I found clothing, the cutest of which I highlight below. A bubblegum pink corduroy skirt that fits perfectly and a pink cashmere *sings the word* sweater. 

And that box of fabric? There were at least 3 colorways, so I chose one and pulled some orphan blocks. I am going to surprise the gift giver with a quick quilt. One of my most favorite things to do is bring together a quilt top. Right now I am in the "I'm not sure I like what I have done" stage. 

Because of the fire danger, I have moved more of my quilt and needlework projects to my offsite location less fire prone. I am hoping this method will force me to complete projects at home rather than *squirrel* onto something else. 

While I love the idea of podcasting. It is a huge commitment. Ya gotta post content. My newest idea for one is Tami Dances to Disco, have alternating clips in different 70s outfits, a swirling 70s background, and then make up moves like "the butter churn." (laughs to self)

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