Thursday, August 13, 2020

One last look and retro quilt done

I took one hard last look at the sewing patterns I wanted to store for awhile. Culling this time was more brutal, 25 more patterns from just one container. I am never going to sew clothing. It is cheaper to buy clothing thrift and alter it than to make clothing from patterns. BTW Vogue patterns sell the best.

I also purchased two bags of sewing patterns from Goodwill. This packet of transfers dates from 1965 and will join my keeper crew. 

Nearly 25 CDs are waiting to be listed also. I would like to hover around 500 listings. I also want to cull listings I figure will never sell, mainly old publications (other than vintage cookbooks). 

A favorite YouTuber of mine is Jason Thrifts, an online reseller. I like his format and love his momster JPeg. His segments on Thrifty Over 50 are an enjoyable watch for me. Since I am starved from human contact, it is one of the few touchstones I have now with people albeit online. 

Quilting update: Retro quilt is finally done. Each of the 15" quilt blocks had to be rehabilitated to bring them to square to be fashioned into this quilt. I chose the bold tattoo border fabric because it seemed to bring all of the blocks together. I purchased the wide quilt backing on sale. It was professionally quilted in an Ansley Park pattern. It, like all of my 2020 quilts, has been bound in a scrappy solid border. 

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I hate to admit that I get a kick out of winning lots at online auctions. Sometimes they are a hit, sometimes they are a miss. The last lot I bought turned out to be the one needlepoint I wanted to keep and spent about what I would have in a retail store. Live and learn. 

Fun find of the day - A 1997 compilation of Funk Classics, Vol. 2. I sprang for the $4 CD Goodwill price tag for this fun romp. The songs are long-playing versions with a couple I had never heard before.

My staycation begins at the end of the day. I took a week off between jobs. I will have the delight of the usual hunkering down and trying to stay cool in the 100+ degree heat wave. I will make progress on my projects for sure!

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