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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Sourcing and Potentially Podcasting

A frantic round of sourcing to beat the 100+ degree produced another 25 CDs to list and a few more sewing patterns. I have found my niche. I am getting better at spotting the imported CDs which bring more $$. I am also rediscovering music from the late 90s, bands I will listen to while ripping to my laptop and think, "Oh, yeah, I remember them!" (like The Proclaimers). 

Gospel music continues to be a good seller for me. It helps that I know what to look for. Those into gospel, remember Andrae Crouch and the Disciples? There was one group I hadn't heard in awhile. I've linked to one of their performance at the end of the post. 

After I pull any CDs I think might sell, I sit on a couch in the store and search the Google shopping for the titles. 

As I list more, I end more clothing listings. Maybe those items are just slow movers, I get impatient with them. Clothing is at the end of its heyday anyway. We will need less because we will be appearing in person less often. I know I like to dress up for work. If I am only going to be in one or two days a week, that will require one or two outfits, not 5 for the week. Social events, when will those resume? It's anyone's guess. Might as well sell the mink. 

Fun Find of the Day: This is my second duck decoy I have found thrifting. The first one I found while visiting Washington state. 

New kitten update. She was around 4 weeks when we found her. She was battling mites, fleas and worms and has been treated for all of those. Little Lucky has a Buddha belly right now but that will even out. 

And onto my new favorite subject - Podcasting

It looks like it might be time to move platforms from blogging to podcasting. I have enjoyed blogging but it is like hollering into a tunnel and getting no response. Very one way. 

I need to learn more about the process. This really is cutting edge. More and more people will be turning to online broadcasts. Edison Research reports that the number of American tuning into podcasts have increased 175% over the last five years. I know I am one of them. The Mr. listens to The Joe Rogan Experience and I Jason T. Smith. I predict an explosive increase in podcasts as we all have to home isolate for who knows how long. 

The Mr. is NOT on board with the idea of me starting a podcast. He thinks it should be high tech with earphones and special lighting. I think it should be low tech with just the minimum of hardware broadcasting from my remote workspace. We'll see. 

Ending the post with Andrae. I have all vacation week to convince myself to take the podcasting plunge. I have six episodes in pre-planning stage and am reaching out to a friend for a interview-based podcast. 

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