Thursday, August 27, 2020

Called it Right and the Blue Circle in eBay

What I'm talking about is CDs, they continue to sell, especially gospel ones. They sell far and away quicker than any other genre (other than Christmas). 

I got with Google AdSense quite awhile ago and have simply ignored the account and any earnings. I did it more to give my blog more "cache" rather than make money. Lo and behold, I checked my AdSense account and I have garnered nearly $70. Doing nothing. I'm liking this. 

I put myself back in the debt hole buying my laptop and getting a new pair of prescription glasses. I have already made a large payment on the laptop though (proceeds from my reselling). 

Six months since I abruptly began working remotely. So much has changed in my daily routine. Money I would have spent in Sacramento buying coffee, donuts or pastry is now spent locally. When my work day ends, my online college begins. Next in priority is my eBay store. 

I believe in mastering a platform before adding any additional sites. I was ignoring the eBay blue circle listing. When you compose a listing there are numerous fields to fill out. When you complete those fields, the blue dot changes from a blue line around the circle to a solid blue circle. Here is a video from Being Thrifty Over 50 on that subject. 

Page views have shot up, not sure if it is because of these YouTube highlighted videos or not. No bother, I welcome new readers and hope you enjoy my content. I hold hope of moving to an audio blog as a podcaster but I am still on the fence about that. 

So while I was editing each listing to fill in those blue dots, I raised my prices by a third. (Charge for editing time). *chuckles to self* I have over 550 listings with an aggregate value over $7,000. I buy all of my product at 50 cents to two dollars. Now doing this for a year, I have a better sense of what will sell. AND pats self on back, I have made eBay Top Rated Seller status!

Ending with steers in the front yard (we don't own any livestock), escaped from the neighbor's field.

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