Friday, July 31, 2020

Good ole Red, White and Blue and Ya Gotta Love the Volunteers!

A mid-year+ check-in for crafting goals reveal I have completed 4 quilts and am still working on my needlepoint carryover project from last year. Even less will get accomplished when I start back to college. I am not the serious sewist as some. It is more when the mood strikes me and like hand sewing projects, I go on streaks. 

My reselling business really had taken over for awhile. The push to make 500 listings began with the lockdown. The total of my listed product is $6,000. As long as I run good margins of buying stock for $1-$2 and then selling for $15-$20+, I will stay in business. 

This project will make a quick and easy put-together, 10 completed red/white/blue crochet squares.

It has been Christmas in July with a Vince Vance CD that sold. 

How I love the thrift shop volunteers. One saw that I had a kind-of retro glass in my hand but put it down. She said, "there is a milk bottle I just put in the garden area." I knew right where she meant and made a beeline for it. There it was! I thanked her profusely (through my mask) and smized (smiled with my eyes). A $3 addition to my kitchen collectibles.

In addition to milk bottle were a couple of quilt blocks and some remnants. More red, white and blue! I will bet my bottom dollar these will be popular. I have no problem selling completed quilt blocks and tops. I think there are quite of few like me that love to put together those half-completed projects. 
What did I keep? I tease that my reselling business funds the thrift shop purchases that I keep. They had just rolled out the rack when I literally grabbed the three tooth fairy dolls. Priced at $1.99 a piece, I didn't care what the cost. They are simply adorable. Forever keepers until a someday-grandchild wrangles them away from me.
I spent $23 combined from two thrifts on my usual stuff that I sell. Most of what I buy is from hospice thrift. Now that I am going to the shops on different hours rather than just on the weekend, I am starting to see other resellers.  You can just tell. They are looking at items intently. A casual buyer doesn't do that, they are buying impulsively (I know from experience). 

These furlough days have been a godsend. State workers in California have been furloughed 2 days a month. It is highly recommended you take those 2 days in the current month. I have no problem with that. Taking the days on Friday, shorten the work week that I spend isolated in a room by myself. 

Keeping with the cute, Pattern of the Day is this 2006 The Wizard of Oz costumes.
The volunteer asked if I was going to make the pattern, I replied I was a reseller. If I had a little one in my life, I would make one.

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