In for the Long Haul

Leading off with something that will be delicious, these highly protected grapes in my garden. 
On the Covid front, working remotely will continue for at least a year into July 2021. This I learned on a Zoom interview with one of the state departments. One upside to flying solo - there are no office politics. I would be delighted with a two or three day per week in office though. 

As I predicted, the divorce rate has skyrocketed. One attorney interviewed on TV said most couples would come in and try to work things out. Now, they want a divorce immediately. Not in for the long haul. 

And on to reseller's update. I've been stockpiling, no two ways around it. Here is a fresh look at the She Shed Sourcing Room.
Sewing patterns have overtaken the table, divided into Butterick and McCalls in the first container, and Simplicity and Vogue in the other. Needlekits are in the foreground. Books line the walls around the table. The more room you have to spread out, the less stressful it is when you pull product. 

Greenhouse update: Here are images for this end of July. 
My first watermelon
Sunflowers in front
Pole beans bleach in the sun
Pattern of the day. I have a fondness for retro pattern images. Here is one of my latest listed.


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