Monday, July 20, 2020

More of what I kept and what I sold

Reselling is a social experiment. It is a combination of being on trend, the social climate, and dumb luck. It always comes back to "sell what you know." There are numerous videos about BOLOs (be on the lookout for) whatever the item of the day is. I have fallen in that trap, those BOLOs eventually sold but they were slow movers. 

Vintage cookbooks are a sure sell for me. A 1982 Sunset spiral bound cookbook sold within hours of listing. A counted cross stitch kit sold the next day after listing. 

Not selling are the Barbie doll clothes, craft books, specific craft items and the lid knocker.  

Cassettes continue to sell but I am a little skittish about them because even though I test them, they are the most likely to fail. 

Finding CDs at thrift is like picking diamonds from heaven. It also gives me a chance to revisit some old favorites and listen to some new ones. 

I have a favorite hospice thrift for finding pins and this is the latest one. At $1.99, labeled Steve Kalar, I am pretty sure there is a piece of lapis lazuli in that one.  

A big fan of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, I kept this stamped cross-stitch baby quilt kit ($14.99) for myself. 
I had this yellow crocheted blanket ($4 thrift) all ready to sell, but the elephants convinced me to keep it.

I am slowly but surely giving away fabric "uglies." I could cull again in my remnants but now I wrap each eBay order in fabric, men fabric for men (not frou frou) and the rest for women. 

For those of you who had been following me on Facebook, I have deactivated that account. I still post on Twitter 

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