Happy 4th and Keep on Keeping On!

We are hunkering down again here in Northern California. There is little to no traffic. A state-issued laptop is headed my way to enable me to work remotely ALL the time. Oh yay (said sarcastically). I love Sacramento and that is the reason I put up with a long commute to that city. The world is in an uproar right now, so more stay-at-home is in my (and many others) future. 

Rather than focus on that, let's head right in to Reseller update!
I have been buying from a different online auction site. One box I bought recently was from a quilter's estate in Texas, hoping to double the $53 I spent originally. Actually, I bought the lot as a present to myself (birthday last month). The only project I am keeping are these spring/baby quilt pinwheel blocks.
These Sunbonnet Sue blocks will sell. In fact, all of the quilt blocks/tops listed have sold. 
And their red counterparts ...
I tend away from saturated color so these stunning bow tie blocks were listed also.  
A Girl Scout lot that had been in my death pile around a month or so, produced this bedeckled vest was listed. Girl Scout stuff moves also. 

There were badges upon badges in the lot so I kept all of the cute ones. 

Thrift shop finds included some patterns, vintage fabric and a magic book for listing.  

Have an enjoyable holiday weekend!


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