Saturday, July 18, 2020

Has Being Patriotic Gone Out of Style?

Sourcing expeditions always include items for me. There are 4 thrift shops still open in my neighboring county. I spent $100 total buying CDs, needlework kits, sewing patterns, books, another crocheted blanket and the two items shown below. If I am not buying for myself, the question I ask myself is "Will it sell?" I don't hold back now when I buy at thrift. We don't know when they might close them back down. 

Those things I did keep for myself were to spruce of my new "remote office" location. Turns out I was sitting too far away from the router so I was getting spotty internet service. I had to move to a different room and rearrange it. This $12 wood turned plant stand was a perfect fix to add more light. 
The $4 flag needlepoint traveled all the way from Des Moines, Iowa according to the framer's label. That cutie will be in the background when I am in Webex meetings. There is patriotic memorabilia all throughout the house. I have two Quilts of Valor lap quilts.  
On to my process regarding CDs, it is a little more involved than some purchases. I pull the CDs that I know will sell and those that look unusual. Of the unusual ones, I sit down somewhere in the store and search the titles to see what they are selling for, if it is less than $5, I won't buy it. While I am in line, I check the CD cases to ensure that the correct CD is there. 

At home, I rip the music to my laptop. Also, if the CD doesn't rip, I know there is something wrong with it so I don't sell it. 

I replace the worn CDs cases with new ones, also bought thrift. This sourcing round included 2 packs of 10 CD jewel cases for $3. Sometimes I will sell a CD with a cracked case, if it is minor. 

Fun find of the day - C C and the Music Factory. Looks like it is signed (I blocked it out since I am not sure who signed it), a keeper no matter what. 
People must still be shedding stuff or going through their living spaces, there were lines at nearly ALL of the thrift shops I visited. 

Pattern of the day found in this sourcing round, Patty Reed Designs 2004 sewing pattern little girl's outfits. 
Best of the needlework bunch was this Bucilla Picking Flowers counted cross stitch. 
We will see if this is a mover, a 1982 spiral bound Sunset Easy Basics for Good Cooking. 
Just as predicted, one of the gospel CDs sold. If people can't go to church, they can always listen to gospel music on CD.

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