Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Wrapped in Tapestry

Being stuck at home, I have more time to blog. My internet connection is slow so while I wait for a process to finish on one laptop, I complete tasks on another. Another view of my remote "office," after hanging a tapestry over mirrored closet doors.
Even though I try to make my surroundings in this situation as wonderful as possible, it still feels like a prison. I don't see a return to being in the office. With all of the state workers working remotely, it seems like the very life has been sucked out of the city. Sacramento is one of the damaged ones. How will restaurants survive the repeated closures and lack of business? 

Glad I have been ripping music to my laptop. Before I started selling CDs, I gave away over 100+ but thankfully had ripped them. My music shuffle and the ability to leave the ranch at lunch to deliver packages to the post office, keep me partially sane. 

On my debt reduction plan, every $100 I earn from eBay sales, I apply another $100 from my checking to my credit debt. I have cut my $5,000 debt in half. Add in another stimulus check and a couple more months and I will be debt free. 

My goal at beginning of summer was to reach 500 active listings and I have done that. My eBay limits have been increased to 700. And it looks like I will have to open a business account at a bank to participate in Managed Payments. My credit union isn't one linked to eBay. 

This lush Christmas tree skirt kit sold within the hour of listing. A group of recently-listed counted cross stitch kits never even made it into the product room selling same day. 
If you are working remotely, what do you do to counteract the effects of isolation? 

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