Kitchen collectibles on display

With my shed shelving finally up, I was able to display all of my kitchen collectibles. The ceramic roosters and chicken had been packed away for about 15 years. 

The purple Ball jar I found in the record section. My bet is someone put it down to look at records, got distracted and walked away from it. No matter if it is real retro or not, at 29 cents, a steal, it went with my blue Ball jar. 

Reseller's update:
A Calvin and Hobbes book sold the next day. I am getting better at anticipating what will sell. Admittedly, I listed anything that would possibly sell when we were on total lockdown. A book on whittling, an obscure audience, for sure.

As patterns continue to sell, I continue to buy them. This one is the best of the bunch from 1984, if you can't dress "Jamaican," then why bother? A cute surf pants pattern.
Sourcing spending included some red/white/blue crochet squares, CDs (2 for 1 sale day), patterns and books. For patterns, I look for vintage, craft, pet-related, and costumes. This jaw-droppingly  gorgeous Civil War costume is uncut.
I miss fashion linkups, they were a lot of fun. I learned from them to be daring sometimes. When I purchase clothes thrift, sometimes an entire outfit comes together like these 3 pieces, (a yellow submarine graphic t-shirt, red leather Talbots belt, and Evan boyfriend jeans with patches)
July's Fun Fashion Finds
Days devoted to sourcing continue with the thought things could be shut down. I look forward to the interviews I have on schedule and my return to college in August. 


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