Striking A Pose

I am trying to find that delicate balance between buying too much product and selling it. The majority of what I list for sale is from thrifting, now online auctions are fast overtaking that activity for finding product. I've got a bag full of Girl Scout I need to process.

At what point do you decide, this is never going to sell? After I have well surpassed the 500 listing mark, I think I will cancel those listings with low views and no movement. Many are books and they take up a lot of space. I actually live next to a well-known rare bookseller. I haven't seen their setup for storing books. 

Specialty books have been a boon for me. I just sold a vintage Complete Course in Magic and then found this Calvin & Hobbs Collection

The first stop of the day included all pictured below. I am tempted to model the graphic T shirt and jeans. I really need to list more clothing. The clothing exchanges have shut down again so nothing new is coming in or being accepted. 
I committed to listening to another round of 6 used cassettes. Bought a few more sewing patterns, and a 1960 60 songs with chords for guitar book (keeper). I have delusions of someday learning to play the guitar. Other keepers? This Ty mint green dragon (50 cents) and a Girl Scout tin (too cute!) and Folk Years CD. 

Fun find of the day: Cookbook from 1965, fun illustrations from that time period.
I have also altered how I post images on listings. I color scan them onto a jump drive and then supplement with photos I have taken by camera. An example would be the front and back of a CD scanned, then the interior with the back of the CD displayed then photographed. 

Quilting update: I am in the binding phase of two projects. I am even bumping one because I want my Retro quilt done first. The other is Minimalist Plaid, one to be gifted. 

I have a Zoom interview on Monday and a Webex interview on Thursday. I am curious how they will go. Luckily, I have a hair appointment on schedule Saturday and our county is still open (unlike neighboring counties). 

Seems Americans can look forward to another stimulus check. Mine will go 100% to debt reduction. 

Best of trail cam in July, this doe and fawn series. Fawn looks like she is striking a pose. More likely she discovered the camera. 

You can see how much the fawn had grown in 2 weeks. 

After I bought those cassettes from thrift, I found 20 more in the house. Yippee!


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