The Elusive Blue Ball Jar

One advantage of never leaving my county is I frequent my local thrift shops more often. As you know, it is the luck of the Irish when it comes to finds and sourcing. 

It was my day at thrift, finding a blue Ball jar for 99 cents. Placing it in the 1923-1933 range by the lettering. how-to-date-a-ball-jar
The Mr. wants me to sell it, some are listed for $300. I may squirrel it away for my vintage kitchen shelf display located in my offsite storage shed. 
The pricers were also kind, I grabbed an armload of vintage needlework kits, 3 priced at 99 cents and 3 priced at 49 cents. 
I kept one kit, the opened Bucilla with fish jumping and sacrificed one kit from my keeper stash. 

Hoping against hope, I found another of my favorites, a Jimmy Swaggart record. I am a big fan of his. I saw him more than once at revival meetings in my youth. 
Here I am looking for ripe plums to prepare the jam showcased on my Virtual State Fair post going live on July 12. 


Michelle said…
That is so cool about the Ball jars! First thing I did was jump up to check the ones on my fireplace mantle. One isn't a Ball jar at all -- it's Atlas. The other has a triple L, putting it between 1900-1910.

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