Passing the 450 Mark
Testing the eBay waters with a crocheted blanket, twin bed-sized and in great shape, thought it was worth the $4 gamble. I am edging closer to 500 listings with 466 active. 
The Girl Scout stuff sold quickly and I have since bought more. I found this Boy Scout shirt and will see if it is as popular with collectors. The necklace I picked up for $16.50, very nice silver work even though the pendant is molded plastic. 

Sewing patterns are selling. When I first started collecting them around five years ago or so, I thought I would hold them for 10 or 15 years and maybe they would sell. Not in my wildest dreams did I think they would be selling like hotcakes now.
Pattern of the Day is from 1972

I have moved product yet again, this time to the informal "she shed." We have a travel trailer that will not be traveling anywhere in the near future. It is not climate controlled, so the CDs will stay in the house on the bookshelves. Sewing patterns, needlepoint kits and books are moving (the last to be organized).
I do envision having an entire barn filled with product for sale. 

Ending this post with a fun find of the day, 2001 Paul Revere & the Raiders Ride to the Wall, Dedicated to all the American Men and Women who served in the Vietnam War.


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