Sunday, July 12, 2020

The Virtual State Fair 2020

Today would have been opening day at the California State Fair.  The fair scene has been a part of my life for many years, having been a booth vendor, submitting competition art work and quilts, and blogging about my experiences these past few years. Because I miss it so much, I present The Virtual State Fair 2020.

We will begin with the food competition. I offer Pumpkin Bread, chock full of raisins and pecans. Local judge Mr. Von Zalez gives it top rating. 

I have been going through my recipes, altering them, updating them. Here is Zucchini Bread, also a strong contender in the baked loaf category. Image below doesn't include the dates (I was out of them), a key ingredient. 

My first year of making plum jam. I referred to the Kerr Kitchen Cookbook, Home Canning and Freezing Guide (1990). 

In my inexperience, there was plum jam everywhere! I had to wash the floors and all the utensils and me.

That little gingham seal on the jam, 20 years old. New in package. It has been that long since I last did any canning (hangs head in shame). 

Moving into arts and crafts, my entry into the quilted wall hanging category. Pieces of the Past quilt, original post here. It was quilted diagonally and in the ditch. 

Who can resist the rides and carousels? 

My brother Puyallup Fair 1962
There is nothing like fair food!
The little critters we like to see but probably terrifies them.

And the others ..

Me in my calf-wrangling days, 1970
You know there are always vendors and product demonstrations. The Mr. did a video for our eBay product - the Hard Times 2020 lid knocker.

I pray there will be a California State Fair in 2021! If you have any summer craft or fair-related posts, please share yours in the comments.

Links to past year's posts on the California State Fair.

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  1. I feel your pain. Our county fair , the largest county fair in IL, which is always held for 5 days in the week following Labor Day has also been cancelled. It has always been one of our towns biggest events.