Saturday, July 14, 2018

I spent the morning at the California State Fair

And you know where you could find me - at the Craft and Fine Art exhibitions. With my media pass, I signed in and entered the fair via the media center. I was able to photograph these superior creations without having to battle the crowds.
So well organized!

This one I believe took a First Place.
Applique puppy in batik
Ethnic and dramatic
Jaw-dropping precision needlework on this piece
I knew there was a Steampunk category
so I was particularly interested in this exhibit
This piece you have to see in person
Done in counted cross-stitch
Whimsical and Wonderful
You can see why it took First Place - Applique Quilts

My piece is hanging in the display case to my right

The Sacramento summer heat is oppressive so I am wearing as little as possible. I know a gal isn't supposed to wear a hat inside but I am matching my creation's hat she is wearing. Thought I would look the "artist" part. *grins*
Award of Merit for this oil painting
Lots to see and do and there is something for everyone at the fair. What I didn't find was jalapeno jelly - so if anyone finds that type of vendor, let me know! I will be back at the Fair next week. 

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